Inaccessible Hard Drive Recovery

Updated on November 24th, 2020

Don’t know how to do inaccessible hard drive data recovery? You can refer to this guide to recover lost data from inaccessible hard drive easily quickly.

About inaccessible hard drive data recovery

To some extent, hard drive is the most important part of our computer or laptop, for it stores all your valuable files and folders, such as your family photos, working files, study data, music, videos, etc. Hard drive inaccessibility or any damage to hard drive can result severe data loss, which can be disaster to everyone. Here, it is strongly advised that data backup should be maintained all the time.

What are causing inaccessible hard drive?

Data loss scenarios vary from one to another, and here are some common reasons that cause data loss: accidental deletion of files, unexpected hard drive formatting, dad sectors, virus attack, system crash, hard drive become inaccessible, etc. Encountering such situations, the most commonly used solution to drag you out of data loss trouble is having recent data backup and scanning hard drive with effective antivirus software.

When do you need to do hard drive data recovery?

However, you will be in a troublesome situation if file gets lost due to hard drive or partition becomes inaccessible. In such cases, you cannot access anything on the drive, which means you cannot see file, or store new files. The hard drive or partition cannot be opened and reports errors, for example “The disk in drive F is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?” “P:\ is not accessible. The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable.” or “G:\ is not accessible. The parameter is incorrect.”

Inaccessible hard drive data recovery software free download

To rescue files from inaccessible hard drives, it is suggested to protect your computer with efficient antivirus program and perform system backup in case of system corruption. Besides, never shut down system or unplug hard drive in improper way.

Despite all this, your hard drive or partition still becomes inaccessible, the ultimate solution is formatting. But formatting causes data loss! If you have the copy of backup then the formatting the hard drive won’t affect too much, and yet, what if you do not have a backup? Do we have to format the hard drive and lose files in order to make the hard drive or hard drive partition accessible?

In such circumstance, data recovery freeware comes in handy, which are available on the Internet. Such tools like Eassos Recovery Free can retrieve files and folders from inaccessible hard drive, so files can be rescued before hard dive is formatted. This hard drive recovery software is for free and it can be abtained easily from the Internet.

Hard drive recovery guide: recover lost data from inaccessible hard disk

The following part is step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Install Eassos Recovery to a partition which can be visited and accessed normally. Then get it started.

Inaccessible Hard Drive Recovery

Step 2:  Select correct recveory mode for the actual data loss issue.

Step 3: Select the inaccessible drive or partition and click “Next” to scan files.

Inaccessible Hard Drive Recovery

Step 4: Preview and recover lost files.

Inaccessible Hard Drive Recovery

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