Tips To Prevent Data Loss From Your Hard Drives

Updated on November 24th, 2020

It is hard for computer uses that don’t pay attention to data security. Data stored on computer such as photos, videos, working files, programs, etc. are invaluable, and data loss maybe the stickiest thing. Therefore, it’s very necessary to learn skills to protect your files and here lists some useful skills.

Remember save data

Keep saving files during working. When you work on a document, you need to pay attention to saving files even the work isn’t finished. File may get damaged or get lost due to computer’s unexpected shut down, so don’t bother to save the file as you are working.

Backup files regularly

If your data has one copy, you should make another copy in case of data loss. The backup file should be kept in other safe place, may be portable drive, cloud, other computers, etc.

Be careful when opening stranger’s email attachment

Fatal virus can be attached in stranger’s emails, which may cause system crash or data loss, so be cautious when you open email attachments. What’s worse, some virus may steel personal data and cause financial loss. Thus don’t forget to scan computer with antivirus program after opening unknown email attachment.

Avoid using unknown USB drives

USB drives are portable and have large capacity, gaining wide popularity among users. USB drives are usually used for data transferring by inserting computer’s USB port. However, USB drives are common virus carriers, for they are frequently used on different computers. Using unknown USB drive may impose threat of virus to your data saved on computer.

Encrypt important data

Encryption software can be found easily on the Internet, and Windows provides a free encryption tool–BitLocker which is able to encrypt the hard drive where the operating system is installed as well as internal hard drives. Such tool can keep hackers or theft away. Note that set strong but easy-to-remember password and do not forget the password.

Keep data from stolen

Laptop can be expensive and it attracts thieves. USB flash drives are small in shape, and some are as small as human’s nail. So USB flash drive can be stolen easily unnoticed. Therefore, take measures to keep thieves away from your data storage devices.

Install data recovery programs to computer

Although some people know the importance of backing up files, they still failed to do so. Data recovery software might be the final choice to rescue lost files that don’t have backup copies. There are various data recovery tools on the Internet, either paid ones or freeware. Moreover, some data recovery freeware are indeed powerful and effective, for instance, Eassos Recovery Free, PartitionGuru Free, etc.Prevent Data Loss