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Free windows backup and system restore software for windows 10/8/7/vista/xp - Eassos System Restore

 Eassos System Restore Features

Easy-to-use and Fast

Multiple Restore Solutions

Compatible with GPT/UEFI

15-Day Free Trial

  •  Straight forward wizard interface backs up Windows through several simple clicks.
  •  Quickly back up operating system so that you can restore it to original status when disaster happens.

Eassos System Restore

Incremental Backup

Eassos System Restore

Multiple Restore Points

Eassos System Restore

Various Restore Methods

Eassos System Restore provides full backup and incremental backup plans so that you can create multiple restore points easily.

Eassos System Restore

You can restore Windows to any restore point that was created before any problem occurs.

Eassos System Restore

Restore operating system under Windows

Launch Pre-OS environment via boot menu

Create bootable disk when system fails to start

Compatible with GPT disk

Support UEFI-based computer

Support backing up Windows on both MBR & GPT disks.
ESP partition is backed up while the program backs up system for GPT disk.

Eassos System Restore

Capable of backing up system for UEFI-based computer that contains GPT disk;
Support Windows 10.

Eassos System Restore
  •  A 15-day free trial version is available to anyone who wants to backup Windows.
  •  Free lifetime update and technical support are provided as well.

Backup Windows

System Restore

Boot Options

Hard Drive Recovery Software, quality, fast and free trial - Eassos Recovery

 Eassos Recovery Features

User Friendly

Preview File

Safe and Fast

Try it Free

Select recovery mode

Eassos Recovery

Scan device

Eassos Recovery

Preview and recover

Clear user interface guides you to recover data step by step. With Eassos Recovery, you can retrieve lost data within a few clicks.

Eassos Recovery

With a double-click, you can preview photos, documents, video and audio files, and check whether they’re what you are looking for.

Eassos Recovery
  1. Read-only recovery process does not overwrite original data.
  2. View files during scanning and you can stop scanning if lost files have been found.

Eassos Recovery

Try before you buy. The trial version can scan hard drive and preview recoverable files, which helps to make sure whether your files can be recovered correctly.

Position : Eassos PartitionGuru - Help - Register PartitionGuru

Register PartitionGuru

This article includes step-by-step methods to register PartitionGuru. You can register the software online or offline easily after getting the license code. If you do not have license code, you can buy one from here:

Online Activation

1. Click "Help" and select "Register" option as follows:

Register PartitionGuru

2. Enter your License Code, License Name and License Email, and click "Online Register" button.

Register PartitionGuru

It is recommended to Copy & Paste license code instead of entering all characters manually, as license code is space and case sensitive.

Offline Activation

If Internet connection is not available on the computer where PartitionGuru is installed, you can still register it via offline activation.

1. Enter your license information and click "Offline Register" button.

Register PartitionGuru

2. Click "OK" button on the popped-up message box which prompts PartitionGuru will generate three files.

Register PartitionGuru

3. Choose a location to save these files and click "OK".

Register PartitionGuru

4. Offline registration files are saved to the specified location.

Register PartitionGuru

5. Copy all three of them to a computer which has access to the Internet. Then double-click "OfflineReg" file and click "Register Now" button.

Register PartitionGuru

6. Copy the "Options" file back to the folder where PartitionGuru is installed and replace the existing one. Then the software will be registered successfully.

Register PartitionGuru