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Backup Partition To Image File

The function means backing up all available data of a partition to an appointed file (called image file), thus the partition can be restored from the image file when it gets damaged. PartitionGuru provides three backup modes.

1.Backup all sectors
Back up all the sectors of the source partition (or volume) to the image file from beginning to the end without judging whether the partition has valid data. It'll back up valid data as well as many useless data, which fits some specific conditions. The speed is slow, for it backs up too many data. And PartitionGuru can only recover data to the source partition or a partition with the same size as the source one.

2.Backup partition by storage structure
Back up valid data of the source partition by file system structure to the image file without any change. PartitionGuru only backs up valid sectors.This way is the quickest. But when recovering data, as the first mode, this mode also requires that target partition and source partition are of the same size.

3.Backup by file
Back up all the files and other valid data of the source partition to the image file by packaging them one by one. This mode doesn't back up invalid data either, so it's very quick. When recovering data, PartitionGuru can recover back-up data to the partition (or volume) whose size can be different from the original one but shouldn't be smaller than the total used size of source partition. This mode is very flexible. When you recover files, their storage location will be reordered. In general, the newly recovered partition won't have file fragments.

To decrease the size of image file, you can choose to compress files when backing up data, which, however, may affect the backup speed. The higher quality of compressing data you choose the slower the backup speed and the smaller the image file. It is suggested that "Fast Compress" be chosen.

To start backing up, please click the button "Backup Partition" on the tool bar; or select menu items "Tool" and "Backup Partition to Image File" in sequence, then PartitionGuru will show the following dialog box:

Dialog of Backup Partition to Image File

Click "Source Partition" button to select the partition to be backed up, and PartitionGuru will pop up the following dialog box:

Dialog of Select Partition

Click the partition to be backed up and then click "OK". Then select file path, backup mode and compress mode and enter remarks (0-800bites), click "Start" button. PartitionGuru will pop up the following warning message:

Dialog of Warning Message

Click "OK", PartitionGuru will try to lock the partition that needs backing up. If it can't lock the partition, it will show the following warning message:

Dialog of Warning Message

It can back up partition without locking it. But in the process of backup, files that are being changed by other programs can only be backed up to a certain point, which won't affect other data's backup. Click "Yes" and the backup process will start, as shown below:

Dialog of Restore Partition Progress