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Hide Partition

1. Hide Partition

If a partition is hidden, it won't be assigned a drive letter by the operating system and it can't be seen in "My Computer" either. Application program cannot access hidden partition, but files in hidden partition are not lost, which just cannot be accessed in normal way.

To hide current partition, please click "Partition" and "Hide Current Partition" in sequence, or right click the partition to be hidden and select "Hide Current Partition" on the popup menu. If the current partition is a system partition, PartitionGuru will show the following message:

If PartitionGuru is installed on the current partition, the following message will show:

Otherwise, PartitionGuru will try to lock the partition. If the partition is being used, PartitionGuru will ask you whether unload the current partition:

If it is locked or unloaded successfully, PartitionGuru will delete current partition's drive letter and hide it. It'll become invisible in "My Computer" but not in PartitionGuru; its files can be accessed by PartitionGuru.

2. Unhide partition

To unhide a partition, first select a partition to be unhidden, and then click menu items "partition" and "Unhide Current Partition" in sequence. PartitionGuru will delete its hidden state.

To prevent data loss due to improper manipulation, this change will not saved to hard disk immediately, it only be kept in the memory until you carry out the command of "Save Partition Table".  

A hidden partition will invisible to "My Computer", but it could be visible to PartitionGuru, it's files could be accessed by PartitionGuru anyway.