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Format Partition

A newly created partition can't be used to save files before it is formatted. At present, PartitionGuru supports formatting of NTFS, FAT32, FAT16, FAT12, etc.

First select a partition to be formatted as current partition, then click "Format" button on the tool bar, or on the menu click "Partition" "Format the Current Partition" in turn; besides, you can right click the partition to be formatted and on the popup menu select "Format the Current Partition". PartitionGuru will pop up the "Format Partition" dialog box as follows:

Format Partition Dialog

After selecting the File System and Cluster Size and setting the Volume Label, you can click the "Format "button to get ready for formatting operation.

You also can scan bad sectors while formatting, but you need to note that scanning bad sectors is a time-consuming task. Actually most hard disks especially new hard disks don't need scanning. If bad sectors are spotted during the scan process, PartitionGuru will mark them so that these bad sectors won't be used for saving data.

For NTFS file system you can check the "Enable Compression" to enable NTFS compression attribute.

If it is primary partition and File System is selected as FAT32/FAT16/FAT12, the check box "Create DOS System" will become available. Check it and DOS system will be created on this partition after formatting, which can be used to startup computer to DOS system.

To avoid incorrect or unwilling operations, PartitionGuru will show you the following warning message box before formatting:

Confirm Formatting

Click "Yes" and the formatting operation will start. The formatting progress is shown in the following picture:

Formatting Progress

If you selected "Create DOS System", PartitionGuru will copy DOS System files to the partition after it finishes formatting.