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Create New Partition

Partition type should be decided before creating a new partition. There are three kinds of partitions, i.e. primary partition, extended partition and logical partition.

Primary partition refers to the partition created directly on the hard disk and usually used to install and boot operating system. Due to the limitation of partition table, four primary partitions in maximum (or three primary partitions and one extended partition) can be created on one hard disk.

Extended partition means a kind of special primary partition specially used for containing logical partitions. Several logical partitions can be built in extended partition.

Logical partition refers to the partition built in extended partition, and the number of logical partition has no limitation

1.Create new partition from empty disk space

To create primary partition or extended partition, first please select free space colored grey on the Disk Partition Structure. To create logical partition, please select free space colored green in extended partition.

Then click the button "New Partition" on the toolbar, or select the menu item "Partition" - "Create New Partition" in turn from the main menu; besides you can also right click the mouse button on the free space and select the menu item "Create New Partition" on the pop-up menu.

The dialogue box "Create New partition" will pop up, as shown below:

Create New Partition

In accordance with your needs, select the partition type and file system type, input the partition size and then click the button "OK".

Those hard disks that adopt big physical sectors such as Western Digital's Advanced Format hard drive which has 4KB physical sectors should be aligned to integral multiples of the number of physical sectors, otherwise, its performance and efficiency will be affected. In such condition, you should check the option "Align to Integral Multiple of Sectors" and choose a number of sectors for aligning.

If you want to set more parameters, you can click the button "Advanced" to open up the following dialog box:

Detail parameters for Creating New Partition

For GUID partition table, more properties of the new partition can be set. Finish setting then click "OK" button, and a new partition will be created in line with the specified parameters.

Newly created partition will not be saved to hard disk immediately, it is only kept in the memory. Only after saving the partition table can you see the partition in "My Computer". The purpose of doing this is to prevent data destruction.

Click menu item "Disk" - "Save Partition Table" from mainmenu, you can save the partition table.

To use the new partition, you need to format it after saving the partition table.

2.Create new partition from an existing partition

Sometimes, we need create new partition from an existing partitition, you can easily do it with PartitionGuru.

Select the Partition which you want to create new partition from, right click the mouse, click the menu item "Create New Partition" from the popup menu, shown as below:

Create new partition from existing partition

Then, "Resizing Partition" dialog will pop up, you can set up the new partition's parameter such as capacity position ..., all the operations are the same as Resize Partition Losslessly, show as blow:

Create new partition from existing partition