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Clone Disk

Clone disk means cloning all partitions and their files and other valid data to another disk. In the process of cloning, PartitionGuru will create partitions with same size and type on the target disk in line with partition structure of the source disk. Then it'll copy files and data in partitions one by one. PartitionGuru provides three modes of cloning data.

1.Copy all sectors. Copy all sectors of the source disk to the target disk from beginning to the end. It doesn't judge whether there is valid data in the source sectors. This method will copy a large quantity of invalid data, thus it'll take more time. But this is the most complete copy method which can copy all the data of the source disk to the target disk.
2.Copy all valid sectors according to the layout of the file system. Copy all valid data of the source disk to corresponding partitions of the target disk according to the layout of the file system. The structure of the target partition will be exactly the same as the source partition. PartitionGuru will get rid of invalid sectors when copying data. This mode is the quickest, for it just copies valid sectors.
3.Copy all files. Copy all the data of source disk to the target disk by analyzing the file system layout of the source disk. When copying data, PartitionGuru rearranges files of target partition in line with the file system layout. There won't be file fragments and it'll be quite fast.

If the file system type of a partition is not supported by PartitionGutu, when copying partition, PartitionGuru will adopt the mode copy all sectors, which guarantees partitions of source disk and target partition are the same.

It is required that the capacity of target disk is no smaller than the source one.

To copy disk, please click menu items "Tools"- "Clone Disk" and PartitionGuru will pop up the following "Clone Disk" dialog box:

Clone Disk Dialog

   At the same time, PartitionGuru will pop up a dialog box for selecting a source disk and a target disk, as shown below:

select source disk

select target disk

After selecting a source disk and a target disk, PartitionGuru will go back to the "Clone Disk" dialog box. Choose one copy mode and click "Start". PattitionGuru will show the following warning message:

Clone disk warnning

Make sure that there's no important data on the target disk or you've backed up important data, and then click "OK". PartitionGuru will try locking all partitions on the two disks, if partitions on the source disk can not be locked (usually including partition where operating system or PartitionGuru is installed), PartitionGuru will show the following warning message:

lock partitions

If you still want to copy disk without locking it, you can click "Yes" to start the copy process.

Clone Disk Process