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Browsing Files

PartitionGuru can browse any files of partition which isn't restricted by operating system. Normally, operating system hides many files with the purpose of protecting important files and maintaining system's stable operation. When displaying files PartitionGuru, adopts a way of analyzing file system type and reading and writing disk sectors directly, which is totally unrestricted by operating system. Therefore PartitionGuru can show all the files of the partition.

PartitionGuru shows files in a way which is similar to Windows Explorer, displaying folder's hierarchical structure on the left and detailed file list on the right. By default, the right part shows partition parameters. If you click a folder on the left, then the right part will switch to its file list; also you can realize the switch by clicking "Files" on the right panel, as follows:

browse files

File properties shown by PartitionGuru include icon, name, size, file type, properties shown by letters, short file names, modify time and create time. Files with properties like hidden, system, compressed and encrypted are in different colors to distinguish with each other. The meaning of letters in "File Attributes" is shown in the following picture:

character represented file attributes

The "D", "X" attributes are only appeared when you "Recover Deleted Files".

You can do some file operations here by the "File" menu or the following popup menu by right clicking the mouse button:

popup menu for file operations