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Position : Eassos PartitionGuru - Help - Common Functions

Common Functions

To facilitate users, PartitionGuru provides several buttons for sector edit, as follows:

Here explains how to use these buttons in detail.

1.Sector location

a.  Find hex values

      Enter related searching criteria to find hex values, as below:

      1). Support searching with multi criteria.
      2). Build in commonly used searching contents.
      3). Support wildcard.
      4). Support searching in all directions: all, up and down.
      5). Support setting searching offset.
      6). Support selecting conditions: "meet one" or "meet all".

b.  Find text

      It can search for required text files quickly as follows:

      1). Support searching with multi criteria.
      2). Support searching through matching case.
      3). Support wildcard.
      4). Support searching in all directions: all, up and down.
      5). Support setting searching offset.

c.  Go to offset

      Values in the drop-down box can be saved after the jump, so that they can be selected next time when the drop-down box is opened again.

      1). Units: byte, word, dword, qword and sector.
      2). Scale: decimal and hexadecimal.
      3). Relative to: start (from beginning), current position, current position(back from), and end(back from).

d.  Go to sector

      Go to the appointed sector rapidly, as below.

      1).Logic (LBA): you need to enter sector or cluster number (which is enabled only when the open method is partition).
      2). Physical (CHS): these parameters "cylinder/track", "head/surface", and "sector" are needed.

e.  Go to sector

      Go to last or next sector and go to fist and final sector.

f.  Go to cursor quickly

      Go to the first or last cursor quickly.

2.Edit sectors

Data on the sector where cursor stays can be viewed or edited.

      As shown in the picture above, the offset, hex values and further interpretation of the current cursor can be seen on the interpreter of the right interface. And you can edit the data where the cursor stays either in the text edit area or hex edit area.

a.   Copy and paste

      Locate the cursor to set the beginning sector and drag the mouse button to the ednd of a certain data area, and the selected area turns light blue.

      Click the button "Copy" to copy data of the selected area to clipboard, and then locate cursor to the beginning of target area and click the button "Paste". The copied data turned red as follows:

b.   Save and undo

      Those operations to sectors don't actually modify data on the hard drive before you click the button "Save", and operations can be canceled after clicking the button "Undo"

      Warnings: Data will be modified forever after clicking "Save" button, and it can't turn to previous state, so be careful  !

3. Others

a.  Interpreter as partition start

      This function interprets the current sector where cursor stays as partition start. If the sector's data conforms to the data feature of partition beginning, system will identify partition size automatically; otherwise, system will asks you to input partition size.
      The interpreted partition will be listed on the left interface with lighter color than normal partitions.

b.  Endian conversion

      The endian conversion affects data interpreter which is interpreted as little endian by default.
      1). Little-Endian means that the low-order byte of the number is stored in memory at the lowest address, and the high-order byte at the highest address.
      2). Big-Endian means that the high-order byte of the number is stored in memory at the lowest address, and the low-order byte at the highest address.

c.  Calculator

      Use calculator to calculate sector quickly.

d.  Directory browser

      This area shows files and folders of the partition.

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