Types Of Backup Systems For Computers

Updated on November 24th, 2020

Important computer data might be roughly split up into two kinds lost files and files that are gonging to be lost. Since the data storage devices are not reliable as we thought. Thus, we need to learn methods of backing up files. Data backup is the simplest way to protect data security. Therefore, this is a vital factor to find out different backup types prior to buying the correct backup type for different situation.

There are five types of backup in Windows: copy backup, daily backup, differential backup, incremental backup and full backup (normal backup). The last three types are most frequently used.

Full backup

This type backs up all files that store on the selected area regardless of whether they were backed up or not. Full backup provides the most integrated backup, but it takes more time and larger disk space compared with incremental backup and differential backup.

Incremental backup

Incremental backup only backs up changed files on the basis of last backup. The first incremental backup backs up changed files after full backup, and the second incremental backup backs up files that are modified or added after the first backup. This backup type only backs up changed files, so no file is backed up repeatedly, which saves time and disk space.

Differential backup

Differential backup only backs up changed files (newly added or modified files) compared with the first full backup. Since every differential backup contrasts with full backup, it takes more time and disk space than incremental backup.

Backup strategies

(1) Full backup and differential backup

Perform full back up on Monday, and differential backup from Tuesday to Friday. So if data gets damaged on Friday, you just need to restore the full backup and the differential backup performed on Thursday. It’ll take much time and disk space to complete backup.

(2) Full backup and incremental backup

Perform full backup for the first time, and then incremental backup for later backup, say, carry out full back up on Monday, and then incremental backup from Tuesday to Friday; therefore, you can restore to any backup state. We common computer users need system backup most (because system reinstallation takes too much time and efforts), and this backup strategy is the best choice.

It is advised to carry out incremental backup with professional backup programs, such as Eassos System Restore which simplifies backup steps and enables common computer users to learn system backup within a couple of minutes.

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