Recycle Bin Recovery Freeware

The Recycle Bin is created for storing files that are deleted from computer hard drive. No matter when a file is deleted, it will be put into Recycle Bin first, and you can open the Recycle Bin to restore deleted files to their original location. Also you can empty it to delete files permanently, after which you can never restore them using the normal way. Thus, if you mistakenly empty the Recycle bin, you will need special tools to perform Recycle Bin recovery, and the tool is called Recycle Bin recovery freeware.

Recycle Bin recovery

When files are deletes from Recycle Bin, they are actually only become invisible to operating system, but they are not completely wiped off from hard drive. That’s the reason why we can’t see them but we can get them back by using Recycle Bin Recovery software.

Eassos Recovery Free is Recycle Bin recovery freeware which is able to recover deleted or lost data, pictures, music, movies, documents, etc. from various data storage media, including Recycle Bin, laptop, portable drives, USB flash drive, cellphone, digital camera, MP3, etc. This program is free for home users; however it is as efficient as that shareware which requires license key before recovering files.  Besides, Eassos Recovery Free is quite simple to use, which allows computer beginners to easily recover deleted files from empty Recycle Bin.