Recover Deleted Documents For Free

Updated on May 14th, 2021

Document data loss issue

Data loss might be one of the most undesired problems that you can meet with, but this can occur at any time when you deal with your files on computer or portable drives. This article will discuss some simple and effective ways to recover deleted documents, which can drag you out of the data loss trouble.

Methods to recover deleted documents

Recovering files is one useful skill in the world with computer being the indispensable tool. As we all know, system cannot help us recover lost files after Recycle Bin is emptied. Thus data recovery software is needed to recover deleted documents from empty Recycle Bin, for such programs are capable of retrieving deleted files from hard drives, SSD, portable drives, USB flash drive, memory card, cellphone, etc.

Document file recovery software

If you feel at sea when choosing free data recovery software among various programs on the Internet, you may follow my advice that Eassos Recovery Free is a good decision. Eassos Recovery Free is freeware for home users, which can recover deleted documents, pictures, music, videos, etc. This program offers step-by-step procedure which shrinks the whole process into five steps; so users can get back files effortlessly.

Steps to recover deleted / lost documents:

Step 1: Download Eassos Recovery Free and install it to computer (Note: do not install it to the partition which needs recovering files). Get it started by double clicking the icon.

Step 2: Select the recovery mode “Recover Deleted Files” from the main interface.

Recover Deleted Documents For Free
Step 3: Choose the partition where deleted documents were stored.

Recover Deleted Documents For Free
Step 4: Eassos Recovery free starts the searching process, which may takes a while. When scanning is done, select deleted files that you want to recover and copy them to a safe place.

Recover Deleted Documents For Free