Hard Drive Recovery

Updated on May 14th, 2021

Living in this computer and Internet era, people can’t ignore the increasing importance of computers which are used in almost every office and household. It is impossible to carry out study, work or entertainment without computers or laptops. Meanwhile hard drive becomes one of the most important concerns, for hard drive stores users’ essential data and loss of data may cause big trouble or even severe economic loss. Therefore, people are strongly advised to backup data as well as learning data recovery skills, which can effectively protect data from loss.

Why hard drive recovery is available?

I’m not going to explain this with lots of terminologies, which is too hard to understand for common computer users. Let’s take hard drive as a building which has many rooms and the formatting of hard drive numbers each room. The map put on the building records all information of every room, such as how files are stored, which room is taken, file size, name, type, etc. When a file is deleted, the file is erased from the map only and rooms taken by the file marked as Free so that new files can be saved in. Deleted file still stays in those rooms before they are replaced by newly saved files. Therefore, deleted files can be recovered from hard drives or other storage media. Similarly, formatting of hard drive that has data only tears the map and put on a new one. Though rooms are reorganized, data are still remains on the hard drive. Thus, lost files can be recovered as long as they are not overwritten.

hard drive recovery

Why hard drive recovery result vary from one to another?

By this point, some users may question that sometimes files still can’t be recovered successfully even though no files are saved to the hard drive after data loss! This is what I want to remind is that file overwritten is really hard to avoid. First, we can stop saving or writing action to hard drive, but we can’t prevent program running on computer from writing data to hard drive, especially operating system. Second, as we all know, big file takes more than one rooms, and usually these rooms are not continuous, namely, if one file needs 5 rooms and it has taken the first two rooms, and yet the third room has been taken by other files, so it may be stored on the fourth and fifth rooms. Such discontinuous way of file storage causes file fragments which may effects recovery results. If the data recovery software you are using is not capable of dealing with fragments perfectly, then you may get incorrect or unsatisfying recovery results.

Recover lost data from hard drive with data recovery software

With the rapid development and improvement of data recovery technology, many hard drive recovery programs are available on the Internet, and some are free of charge, such as Eassos Recovery Free. Besides, some qualified data recovery software has good recovery result and easy to use. Since it is really expensive to hire a data recovery expert, common users tend to choose data recovery software and perform recovery independently.

Hard Drive Recovery