How to recover lost video files?

Updated on November 24th, 2020

In this guide, you can find an effective method to recover deleted or lost video files from all types of storage devices. If you are troubled by same issue, continue reading and you can find solutions.

Recovering lost or deleted video files:

Video files that are captured on special occasions mean too much in our life or work, but video file loss happened to many of us, therefore it’s necessary to learn some data recovery skills. Here are some common factors causing video file loss issue:

  • Accidental deletion of video files;
  • Mistakenly formatting storage media, such as media player, camcorder, and so on;
  • Disconnecting memory while reading or recording videos
  • Firmware corruption or hardware issues;
  • Virus attack;
  • Other unknown reasons…

Free video file recovery software

Even though those lost video files can’t be recorded again, they can be recovered with the help of competent data recovery software named Eassos Recovery.

  • “Recover Files From Partition” recovers files that are formatted or the storage media asks to format;
  • “Recover Lost Partition” is used to recover files when partition gets lost.
  • “Recover Files From Disk” scans disk in depth and totally in order to recover files that can’t be found by the first two modes;
  • “Recover Deleted Files” deals with deleted file recovery;
  • “Load Virtual Disk Files” can load virtual disks and support recovering data from virtual disks.

Tips: DO NOT install Eassos Recovery to the partition where lost files were saved.

How to recover lost / deleted video files using Eassos data recovery software?

Step 1: Start Eassos Recovery and select one data recovery mode in line with data loss situation. Here takes the first mode as example.recover lost video files

Step 2: Select partition or disk that needs recovering videos files, and click “Next” button.recover lost video files

The program starts searching for lost video files, and then list files as follows:

Step 3: Look for video files you want to recover by previewing files. Eassos Recovery supports previewing video files, as shown below:recover lost video files

Files that are previewed successfully can be recovered

Step 4: Select files and click “Next” button to save them to a healthy drive.recover lost video files

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