How to choose data recovery software for your lost data?

Updated on February 10th, 2017

In modern society, an increasing number of data is stored in computer disk, external hard drive, USB drive, SD, etc. Have you ever imaged once data gets lost, how can you choose the best data recovery software to rescue data?

When you come cross data loss, there are two choices to recover data: send your hard drive to a professional data recovery center, or try recovering data by yourself with the help of data recovery software.

It is very important to select a piece of efficient and appropriate data recovery software, which, to great extent, decides data recovery results. Here are some principles of choosing data recovery software.

1. The complexity of operating steps

Data recovery, different from other computer operations, requires users should have basic knowledge about computer data storage, while some data recovery software requires users should have a good command of professional computer knowledge. In such situations, common users are often at loss with those parameters setting options. Therefore, when choosing data recovery software, you’d better consider those that are easy-to-use and have a wizard interface, such as Eassos Recovery.

2. Data recovery modes provided by data recovery software

Data loss scenarios vary from one to another, thus qualified data recovery software should provide several data recovery modes to fit different data recovery situations. If certain data recovery software only has one mode, you can surely make out it is not good enough.

3. Data recovery results

This principle might be the most important standard to judge whether the program is excellent or not. Two criterions: one is to see whether files can be recovered; the other one is to check whether recovered files are correct.

4. File preview

Qualified data recovery software supports file preview, so that users can make sure whether files can be recovered successfully before files are actually recovered. This function is especially necessary and useful especially when data can be copied out only after the software is paid.

5. Technical support and customer service

Data recovery needs relatively more technical support, for various problems may come up in the process of data recovery. Therefore the technical support and customer service should be guaranteed.

So much for the standards about selecting data recovery software and what’s more important is forming a good habit of backing up important timely in daily life.