Get Back Lost Files With File Recovery Software

Updated on November 24th, 2020

Data loss might be the worst scenario to each computer user, for there is a large amount of precious data or valuable files on the computer. Losing of these files can be a scary disaster. One advocated way to avoid data loss is file backup, and yet a majority of users do not have this habit. Thus, once data get s lost or hard drive fails, it is too late to regret that we should have backed up these files.

Is it possible to recover lost files? Generally speaking, the answer is YES. We can retrieve lost files with file recovery software. Usually, the percentage of successful recovery is about 90%. And sometimes lost files are just gone for good due to badly damage to hard drive platters or file overwritten.

When a file is deleted, the disk space taken by the file is tagged as “Free” so that new data can be stored. Therefore, if the space is taken by new data, then the deleted file cannot be recovered by any solutions, which means you’ll lose it forever. Thus, no matter when you are aware that some files get lost, you should stop any actions to your computer until they are successfully recovered, which is for the sake of avoiding data overwritten.

How to get back lost files? First and foremost, open Recycle Bin and check whether lost files are there. If so, then you can restore them easily: right click file or folder you want to retrieve, and then select the item “Restore”, after which the file or folder will be restored to its original location.

Hiring an expert of data recovery will be costly when hard drive gets badly physical damage, as they may open the hard drive and change some parts to recover lost data. Such way of recovering files is usually carried out in a special room. Thus it is common you’ll be charged a good sum of money. Besides, sending computer or hard drive to recovery center arises the problem of privacy in general, because most of users tend to store all of their data to computer. In short, retrieving data with file recovery software by self is the most cost-effective and secure solution.

Eassos Recovery is one efficient and easy-to-use program which provides powerful functions to recover deleted or formatted files and recover lost or deleted partitions. It is compatible with all types of hard drive, external hard drive, USB drives, memory card, cell phone, virtual disk, etc. This software works well in all Windows computers, including XP, vista, Win7, Win8, etc. Furthermore, this file recovery software comes with user-friendly interface which makes entire recovery process easy and simple.Get Back Lost Files With File Recovery Software