Free Data Recovery Skills

Updated on November 24th, 2020

We are living in an era of information and Internet and we save everything either related to life or work in computer, external hard drive, USB flash drive, memory card, etc. However, in accordance with recent statistics, only a small number of people keep the habit of backing up data regularly and timely, while others are facing data loss at any moment, for files stored on computer or other storage devices may get lost due to various reasons, for instance, computer may suddenly subject to system crash or virus attach; hard drive may simply become inaccessible; and plain human error like deletion or formatting also may cause data loss.

It is for sure that losing files brings inconvenience or economic loss to our life and work, because lost files may record important moments and event of our personal life or crucial business files. Now you can rest assured that there are chances that lost files can be recovered. The data recovery task is no longer exclusive to computer experts or data recovery professionals, and common users are able to handle almost all data loss situations with the help of data recovery programs. Free data recovery programs such as PartitionGuru and Eassos Recovery can be found easily on the Internet and those tools enables you to recover deleted or formatted files, pictures, music, movies and other sorts of files easily and effortlessly even if you have little knowledge of computer skills and data recovery experience.Data Recovery Skills

Although data recovery software is quite powerful, it cannot solve data loss issue fundamentally. You should attach importance to the following notes to prevent data loss.

Use copy and paste instead of cut and paste. It is common that error occurs in the process of cutting and pasting file, after which both original disk and target disk lost the file. Therefore, it’s suggested that we should use the command copy and paste instead of cut and paste.

Do not resize partition at will. Partition resizing process often goes wrong (e.g. power failure), which destroys data integrity. In most cases, file directory can’t be recovered successful. We need to backup important files before resizing partitions.

Do not save files to system partition. As we all know, files like Word files are saved to its default path “My Documents” if you don’t specify storage path. My Document located in system partition which is the most inappropriate place for file storing, because the most frequently used solution to system failure is formatting system partition and reinstall operating system, and then everything on system partition will be lost.