Do’s and Don’ts For Data Recovery

Updated on November 24th, 2020

We are living in an era of information with computer being the important in our life and work. Data saved on computer can be everything, but data can easily get lost due to various reasons. How to bypass data loss and learn data recovery skills? Keep reading


  • Keep calm
  • Stop writing data to drive
  • If the affected drive is external drive and it is not accessible by system, then try connecting the drive to another computer
  • If the drive makes clicking noise, then turn off system
  • Backup important data timely and regularly
  • Try Eassos Recovery to get lost files back


  • Do not save new files or install any program to the partition whose data gets lost.
  • Do not perform the command chkdsk. Some people incline to carry out chkdsk command, which, however, does harm to data most of times, for that can’t repair those complicated directories.
  • Do not format partition once again. The formatting process involves building new file system, which may destroy data.
  • Do not recover files to the partition/drive that needs recovering data. Exit all active programs. If lost files belongs to system partition (usually C partition), it is advised to shut down computer and connect hard drive to another computer to do data recovery.
  • Do not try rebuilding after RAID gets data loss.
  • Do not try repairing bad sectors before lost files are recovered.
  • Do not open your disk by yourself even though it is physically damaged.