Data Recovery For Hard Drives

Updated on November 24th, 2020

I bet you do store important files on your hard drive, but what will you do if these files get lost or corrupted? Yes, there is no need to worry about data loss any more, as data recovery tools are available to common computer users in these days. This article is going to discuss some common reasons of computer data loss and solutions to get back lost files.

What hard drive to computer is brain is to human being. Hard drive, being the most important components of computer, stores user’s large amount of information. Hard disk may get logical problems and physical problems, and files can get lost due to a variety of reasons. Users may deleted files by accident, or format the wrong partition mistakenly; computer may be attacked by virus. But, these issues are easy to fix.

File loss can occur at each second, because users cannot get any signs before data loss. The most efficient way of preventing files from losing is backing up files timely and regularly, but few people are willing to take time to back up files. Thus, for most of people, data recovery is the only approach to retrieve files.

In the situation of information loss, the first thing users should do is stopping any possible writing actions to hard disk or other storage devices. Because protecting original data from damaging is the premise of successful data recovery.

Then check and identify what kind of problem it has: physical problem or logical problem. If hard disk gets badly physical damage, for example, it can’t be detected by computer, or it makes computer frozen. You will have to send it to professional data recovery provider, which may charges very high. Users should evaluate those lost files.

Whereas, in the case of logical failure, such as accidental deletion of data or partition, file system goes wrong, partition table gets lost, operating system errors, format the wrong hard disk, etc. All these kind of file loss can be solved by hard drive recovery programs such as Eassos Recovery Free and PartitionGuru Free. However, if lost files are overwritten, then no tools can get them back, and that’s why the above part requires that no possible writing actions should be performed before files are successfully restored.Data Recovery For Hard Drives

To maximize the chance of data recovery, it is necessary make a survey of data recovery programs. Some are for free and some are every expensive. There is no best program, so just choose the most proper one.