Backup Data And Prevent Data Loss

Updated on October 23rd, 2020

Have you made a well-organized backup plan for your company or personal data? There are numerous reasons that you should aware and ensure that all your important files are well protected. You are facing the risk of losing all important data as there are many causes that may lead to data loss.

If you search online, you’ll find there are always many people suffering from file loss and looking for any possible solutions to recover lost data.

Here are some of the risks that threats data security

Accidental deletion of data: mistake can’t be avoided especially when users are busy with working which might be stressful or tedious. It’s a common and frequently used operation dragging files to Recycle Bin and emptying it. Many users perform such action for the sake of deleting useless data and freeing up hard disk space. However, a lot of precious files get deleted in this process.

Natural disaster: natural disaster is irresistible and may bring about destructive impact to hard drive and data. If that happened, data can never be rescued. Thus, it’s necessary to make a backup in different geographical location.

Hardware failure: computers are machines and so do hard drives. They may have system failure as well as physical problem. Hard drive is the actual carrier of our files, but it may stop working or get physical damage. In that case, data will be destroyed.

Make backup plans

An ongoing backup schedule is necessary to maximize the possible of losing data if case of any unexpected issues. Regular backup on weekly or daily basis is adoptable for many companies and personals. Some would say they have prepared hard drive recovery software that is able to retrieve lost data, however, that can’t replace backup task.

Tools used to backup data

After setting backup plans and data to be protected, the next step is choosing backup tool. Many third-party backup tools are available to help you complete the task and you need to select the most effective one. PartitionGuru is a good option, as it’s able to clone hard drive, image partition, clone partition, copy sectors, backup partition table, etc. and the backup of partition can be done via full backup and incremental backup. Besides, it offers more options when clone hard drive or partition to meet various demands and utilities.partition manager