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Professional 4.3.0
Apr 8, 2013
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Release Notes

[ Ver 4.3.0 ]
1. New:
The Pro version added the function "Intelligent Load NTFS Partition", ignoring folder's index when loading partition, which is similar to the way Winhex does;
2. New:
Added the function setting sector size in the dialog box "Set Disk Geometry", which can be used to recover data when the sector size recorded by file system is not consistent with actual sector size;
3. New:
Added Japanese language support;
4. Enhanced:
When previewing files, the Pro version supports more video and audio file types;
5. Enhanced:
Supported loading Hyper-V VHDX virtual disk in a read-only way;
6. Enhanced:
More file types were added when the program searches for known file types: 3g2, m4v, mmf, X3F, M4R, AIF, MKV, MTS, WRF, WMF, VFB, VNT, IPA, PXL, GP5, VEG, DRW, QQ chatting records (.DB), etc;
7. Fixed:
It's available to input remarks in Chinese when the program backs up partition in its DOS version;
8. Fixed:
Rectified the BUG that the PartitionGuru 32bit version couldn't load PMF image of FAT partition;
9. Fixed:
Rectified the mistake that the backup mode All Files was adopted while the backup mode Data Sectors Only was supposed to be;
10. Fixed:
Removed the BUG that partitions couldn't be shown immediately after the scanning when the program was recovering files from FDD virtual disk.
11. Fixed:
Removed the BUG that the program stopped response when it loaded FAT partitions if the FAT table got damaged;
12. Fixed:
Rectified the problem that sometimes NTFS partitions couldn't be searched out;
13. Fixed:
Removed the BUG that error occurred when the program was parsing PMF files which were not backed up by file;
14. Fixed:
Removed the BUG that in the advanced settings of Backup Partition To Image File other folders might be excluded when adding folders that needs excluding;
15. Fixed:
Removed the BUG that in some occasions when partition table was saved the CHS parameter became incorrect;
16. Fixed:
Rectified the problem that the Pro version couldn't resize GPT partitions.
17. Fixed:
Removed the BUG that in some circumstances when recovering files the program corrupted.

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"I had a major disaster with a lost large Partition on a GPT drive, caused by a faulty ... partitioning software - when partitioning a different drive on the system ( you can imagine the horror when I found out that 5TB of personal data was gone... )

To cut a long story short, I used over 10 software solutions from ..., and a few more utilities and none of them could recover it. After 3 frantic days of working almost 24 hours a day, I stumbled across your PartitionGuru software and it worked.

I owe you a big, thank you! it was easy to use and the fact that it supports a > 2TB partition on a GPT made my day - 1 minute and it was fixed!"

An Intel IT Engineer



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