USB Drive Recovery-Recover Data From Formatted USB Drive

Updated on November 24th, 2020

Have you ever imaged what will you do if your USB drive that stores important data gets formatted due to imprudent operation? Common belief thinks there is no way to recover files from formatted USB drive once data gets deleted or formatted. However, the fact is that you have almost 99% chances to recover lost files from USB drive as long as you finish reading this article.

 How to recover files from formatted USB drive?

It’s advisable to use Eassos Recovery to recover files from formatted USB drive, which is the most effective and direct solution. With Eassos Recovery you can recover USB files deleted, formatted or lost due to various reasons provided that lost files are not overwritten, thus you should stop using the USB drive immediately after data gets lost.

The step-by-step instructions:

Step 1: Connect the USB drive to the computer and launch Eassos Recovery on your computer. Select the function “Recover Files From Partition”, as shown below:Recover Data From Formatted USB Drive

Step 2: Select the formatted USB drive and click “Next”.

Then Eassos Recovery starts searching for files.

When the scanning process is completed, files and folder will be listed by the program.Recover Data From Formatted USB Drive

 Step 3: Filter and look for files you want to recover.

Office documents, pictures, text, video and audio files can be previewed by double clicking.

The following picture shows the preview of a jpg file.Recover Data From Formatted USB Drive

Step 4: Copy files.

Copy files that you want to recover: check files and folder as follows and then click the “Next” button.Recover Data From Formatted USB Drive

Step 5: Set a target folder to recover and save those files to a healthy drive.

Note: Do not set the target folder to the partition which is recovering data, for that may overwrite data. Once overwritten, files can’t be recovered by any means.