Free and Easy-To-Use Data Recovery Software

A Previous article “How to choose data recovery software your data lost?” talks about standards of good data recovery software. Here I’ll make a further discussion.

There is no doubt that most of people have encountered data loss, and do you still remember how did you handle the data loss problem? Did you look for professional data recovery service centers, or buy some  recovery software? Neither is the best choice! Actually, there does exist free data recovery software and it is equally powerful enough to deal with most data loss situations.

Eassos Recovery Free is a piece of free and easy-to-use  recovery software, which can recover files deleted by “Shift + Delete” or emptied from Recycle Bin, or lost due to software crash, formatted or damaged hard drive, virus attack, lost partition or other unknown reasons. It supports IDE, SCSI, SATA hard disks, USB flash disk, memory cards such as SD and mini SD, and it supports FAT (12/16/32) NTFS and EXT3 file systems.

USB data recovery software

Eassos Recovery Free

Recover Files From Partition

Recover files from the specific partition. It scans the whole partition and then displays all the files it finds out. This function is used when the partition is formatted or becomes “RAW” (it prompts to format) or the partition can’t be opened.

Recover Lost Partitions

Recover lost or deleted partitions and repair partition table. This function is applied when partition is lost or combined or the partition is lost caused by incorrect Ghost operations, etc. It can recover the whole partition directly without copying files to other disks.

Recover Files From Disk

Recover files from a specified disk. It searches the whole disk and displays all the partitions and files it finds out. This function applies to the situation that partition table is damaged and can’t be recovered or the first two modes don’t work well.

Recover Delete Files

Recover deleted files from partitions. This function applies to the case that files are deleted and no new files are written in.