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Virtual Disk File And Its Partitions

PartitionGuru supports operating VMWare virtual disk files, ".img" disk image files, etc. which includes operating partitions and files of virtual disk or disk image.

First open the virtual disk (or disk image) file, and then click "Disk"β†’ "Open Virtual Disk File". Select the virtual disk (or disk image) file and PartitionGuru will load it. You have to be aware that virtual disk can only be opened and operated by PartitionGuru and it isn't loaded to operating system, so it is invisible in My Computer and its partitions can not be assigned drive letters.

After opening a virtual disk you can operate it as a regular disk. All functions, except assigning drive letters, apply to it, including create, delete and format a partition, copy files, file recovery, partition recovery, copy partitions, copy disk, etc.

When the virtual disk file is opened, it will be displayed as follows. Detailed operations to partitions and files are the same as operating a regular disk.

operate virtual disk file