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Backup And Restore Partition Table

PartitionGuru can backup and restore partition table. It can back up partition table and boot sectors of all partitions on the disk to a file. When data gets damaged, you can recover data from the backup file.

1 Backup Partition Table:

First select the disk that you want to backup its partition table and click menu items "Disk"- "Backup Partition Table", or you can just press the key F9. PartitionGuru will show a dialog box "Select file name for partition table backup":

Backup and restore partition table

Enter a file name and click "Save" button and PartitionGuru will pop up the following message showing partition table is backed up successfully. Please take good care of the file so that you can use it to recover data later.

Backup and Restore Partititon Table

2 Restore Partition Table:

First select a disk that needs restoring partition table, and then click menu items "Disk"-> "Restore Partition Table" or you can just press the key F10. PartitionGuru pops up the dialog box "Select partition table backup file". After selecting right file, PartitionGuru will load the partition table in the memory and display it on the main interface so that you can judge whether it is the partition table you want to recover. And PartitionGuru will show the following dialog box:

Backup Partition Table

Please check whether the partition is the one you want to restore before restoring partition table. Then click "Yes" and PartitionGuru will ask you whether you want to restore boot sectors at the same time. You can choose in line with needs. If you select "No", PartitionGuru will restore partition table only; if you select "Cancel", then PartitionGuru will discard restoring and won't modify partition table and boot sectors.

Restore Partition Table

Please note that after backing up the partition table, if any partitions are formatted again with some different settings such as different cluster size, the partition boot sector may be changed by the formatting program. In this case, the partition boot sector will be destroy by this restoring.

Click "No" if you do not want to restore the boot sector of the partitions. Then only the partition table itself including the size and the positions of each partition will be restored. The partition boot sector will remain unchanged. If you choose "Cancel" at this time PartitionGuru will give up the restoration and nothing will be changed including the partition table and the partition boot sectors.