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Convert Partition Type Between Primary and Logical

In some cases, this function can realize the conversion between primary partition and logical partition. Due to the limitation of MBR partition table that there are at most four primary partitions (include one extended partition, if any) on one disk. Thus the conversion of partition type between primary and logical has some limitations:

Primary to Logical
To convert a primary partition to logical partition, the following requirements should be met:
1.In front of the primary partition there are free sectors which are required for a logical partition. (usually one track, such as 63 sectors; one sector as least.)
2.There is no extended partition on the hard drive, or the primary partition to be converted is next to the extended partition.

Logical to Primary.
To convert a logical partition into a primary partition, the following requirements should be met:
1.After conversion the number of primary partition shouldn't exceed four (including the situation that there's only one logical partition on the current disk).
2.The logical partition locates at either end of extended partition. Only when the above requirements are met, can those respective options be available, or they will be in grey.

This function doesn't apply to GPT disk (GUID partition table).

To do such conversion, first select a partition to be converted. Then click "Partition" on the main menu; select the item "Convert to Logical" or "Convert to Primary"; then PartitionGuru will finish the conversion instantly.

To avoid faulty operations, after the conversion PartitionGuru won't save the just converted partition table to disk immediately and it is only kept in the memory until you carry out the command of "Save Partition Table".