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Restore Partition from Image File

When the partition is damaged, it can be recovered to its original state from the previously backed up image file. Click menu items "Tool" and "Restore Partition From Image File" in turn, PartitionGuru will pop up the following dialog box:

Dialog of Restore Partition From Image File

Click the button "Select Image File" to select the image file (.pmf). Then click the button "Target Partition" to select the partition to be restored. The dialog box will display the information about the image file. If image file and target partition are selected correctly, then click "Start" button to prepare to restore partition. PartitionGuru will show the following warning message:

Dialog of Warning Message

Click "Ok" if you are sure there is no mistake and PartitionGuru will start to restore partition:

Dialog of Restore Partition Progress

If the image file is backed up by file and its source partition isn't locked during the process of backup, PartitionGuru will automatically examine and correct restored data after finishing restoring partition.