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Position : Eassos PartitionGuru - Help - Make Bootable USB Disk

Make Bootable USB Disk

The types of bootable USB that can be made by PartitionGuru include USB-FDD, USB-ZIP and USB-HDD. This function can converse USB flash disk (or USB hard drive) into FDD or ZIP mode and build bootable DOS system, which can be used to boot computer. For computers supporting USB boot, such boot disk can be used when restoring system. Nowadays, motherboard manufacturers have no agreed standards to USB boot mode; FDD, ZIP, HDD are the popular modes today. You can choose one according to the mode motherboard supports.

If you have any files on the USB disk (or memory stick), copy them to a hard disk first as they will be destroyed by the following process.

1. Make USB-FDD bootable disk. First select the USB flash disk or mobile HDD, and then click menu items "Tools" and "Convert to USB-FDD Bootable Mode". PartitionGuru will show the following warning message. Please back up important data before the conversion.

Convert to FDD mode

PClick "Yes" to show the following dialog box:

Format Partition

After selecting a file system you can click the button "Format". Of course, you can also set the cluster size and volume label first, which is similar to the operation of formatting partitions. PartitionGuru will start converting immediately after you click "Format". Then it'll copy DOS boot file to disk. Finish the operation, PartitionGuru will pop up the following message. Please delete mobile HDD and insert it again.

Convert Completed

2.Make USB-ZIP bootable disk. Select the USB flash disk (or mobile HDD) you want to make bootable disk, then click the menu "Tools" and "Convert to USB-ZIP Bootable Mode"; or you can right click the mouse button and select the item "Convert to USB-ZIP Bootable Mode". The rest steps are the same as making a USB-FDD bootable disk.

3.Make USB-HDD bootable disk. he HDD mode is the regular hard drive boot mode. When you start a computer, it loads hard drive master boot program which looks for active partition; and the control right is transferred to operating system of the active partition. Normally, the conversion is not necessary, and what you should do is to create a partition and format it on which you create a DOS system.

If the current disk is working in FDD or ZIP mode, this function can convert it to HDD mode. Detailed steps are in the following:

First select the USB flash disk or mobile HDD, and then click menu items "Tools" and "Make USB-HDD Bootable Disk" or select this item on the right click menu. ParrtitionGuru will show the following warning message. Please back up important data before the conversion.

Convert to HDD mode

Click "Yes" and PartitionGuru will convert disk to HDD mode immediately, and then it'll ask you whether create a bootable partition, as shown below:

Convert to HDD mode completed

Click "No", and then PartitionGuru won't create a partition after finishing the conversion. You can use the disk normally.
   If you click "Yes", the "Create New Partition" dialog box will be displayed:

Create New Partition

Click "OK" after selecting file system type and partition size, and partitionGuru will create a new partition immediately and format and copy DOS system to the newly created partition. The conversion of HDD mode is done!

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