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Create VMware Virtual Disk File

PartitionGuru supports creating VMware virtual disk file and operating its partitions and files. Operation steps are in the following:

Click "Disk" --> "Create New Virtual Disk File"-->"Create VMWare Virtual Disk File" and PartitionGuru will show the dialog box below:

Create VMware Virtual Disk File

You can set the file path, file name, capacity, edition and adaptor type; you can check the options "Allocate all disk space now" and "Split disk into 2GB files". All these settings are the same as creating disk by VMware workstation.

Click "Create" and the virtual disk file will be created. PartitionGuru will open this newly created file immediately after it is created; also, if necessary you can open it by clicking "Disk"--> "Open Virtual Disk File".

To open an early created virtual disk, please refer to "Virtual Disk File And Its Partitions".