Position : Eassos System Restore - Version history
Eassos System Restore version history
1. Support backing up system to USB devices
2. Support NTFS partition whose cluster is larger than 128 sectors.
3. Support mmc hard drive.
4. Support backing up Intel RAID.
5. Add support for more hardware.

1. Improve application stability and add support for more hardware.

1. Support backing up system for EFI-based computer.
2. System restore becomes able to keep data on Desktop, My Document and Favorites of current system.
3. Add Option button by which users can make advanced settings for backup, restore and boot option.
4. Support automatic backup and restore when the program is started via boot option.
5. The shortcut key used to boot program before system is booted can be customized by users.
6. Support restoring system from image file which is stored under root directory.
7. The image file can be name as whatever users want.
8. Users are allowed to hide or unhide backup folder.
9. Support quick partition to hard drive via command line.
10. The program can force to backup system when Windows doesn't shut down normally.
11. Replace "Next" button with "Start" on the interface when backup is about to start.
12. Boot option can be installed during backup or restore process.
13. Image file is not allowed to be stored on dynamic volume when the program needs to restart to backup system.
14. Eassos System Restore Windows version also supports command line so as to facilitate debugging in PE environment.

1. It is allowed to backup system to external hard drive in WinPE.
2. When backing up Win8, program will prompt to restart computer normally before backup if the partition is in the state of hibernation or quick start.
3. When the program restores Windows system partition for GPT disk, GUID is restored as well, making sure system start normally.
4. Fixed the bug that 64 bit version crashed when backing up partition to image file.
5. Fixed the bug that error happened if click "Stop" during the process of partition backup.
6. Fixed the bug that program reported error when backing up system that has reserved partition in WinPE.
7. Rectified the problem that backed up file wasn't deleted after backup was interrupted, error or cancelled.
8. Rectified the problem that error wasn't reported when there was something wrong with file records during backup process.
9. Rectified the problem that computer couldn't restart or shut down automatically after backup or restore.

1. Fixed the problem that it mistakenly installed Windows startup menu when backing up system on non-GPT disk under EFI system.
2. The DOS version supports system image file of system restore CDs.