How To Allocate Free Space to C Drive in Windows 8

What will you do if there is free space, say 15GB, on the disk which is not large enough to create a new partition? I think the best solution is allocating it to other partitions.This can be carried out by two methods.

Solution 1: use partition manager

Step 1: Get PartitionGuru started by double clicking the icon.
Step 2: Right click free space and select the items “Allocate Free Space To” and “Partition Local Disk(C:)”:

Solution 2: use Disk Management

Step1:Go to Disk Management. Right click Computer and select “Manege” as in the picture:

Step 2: Then you’ll see the 15GB free space in Disk Management.

Step 3: Right click C drive and select the item “Extend Volume”.

Step 4: Follow steps of Extend Volume Wizard.